Mission Statement

The goal of the Undergraduate Surgery Interest Group is to create unique opportunities for pre-medical students to explore surgery and gain exposure to the thought processes of clinical decision-making. We recognize that our members are at a relatively early step in their higher education, and this is an important time to to discover and explore the reasons why we want to become physicians. As such, our ultimate goal is to immerse students in settings where they can appreciate the complexity, significance, and beauty of the work that characterizes not only surgery, but all of medicine.


What is USIG?

We are an undergraduate group tailored for students interested in surgery in their career aspirations in medicine. We welcome all levels of interests and ability. We specialize in hands-on experiences that allow you to dive into your interests and explore the field of surgery as a level that is appropriate for undergraduates. We give you a peek into the field so you can better understand what your future may hold.

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